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Flooring plays a major role in the look, feel and functionality of your home. Since flooring is usually the largest surface in a room, it’s the foundation for the entire look of your home. There are many things to consider such as color, style, texture, and the pattern you may want for your flooring. Also consider your lifestyle. Do you have children, or pets that may wear out the flooring?

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Whichever flooring you choose we will provide the best professional service and attention to the tiniest details for your project. Call us today to discuss your project and schedule a visit to our showroom.


Most durable flooring with a large array of styles and patterns that match all decors.


Will enhance the look and value of your home while it’s easy to clean and maintain.


Scratch resistant, less expensive and most laminate floors are water-resistant.


Quieter and softer that other flooring types and provides insulation value in the winter.


The first step should include measuring all rooms that you are reflooring and calculate their areas. For a rectangular room, simply multiply the length and width in feet to calculate the square footage needed. It is important to always add an additional ten percent in square feet needed to account for flooring waste as it is installed.

Consider the type of wear and tear your new flooring will have to undergo once it is installed. If you have pets or children, you may want to consider flooring that is highly water-resistant and scratch resistant.

Budget planning should include flooring materials and the necessary tools needed to install the flooring. Also consider the cost of removing your old flooring


The first step to installing a new floor is floor preparatioon. Having a clean, dry, and flat substrate is crucial to any successful installation. Failure to do the proper prep work will make the installation stressful and final job unsatisfactory. Getting it right the first time will also save you on time and money spent on repair work.

When the surface is ready you can then start installing your new floor. The process is a bit different for each flooring type you may choose. No matter which material you go with, we will discuss the entire process with you.

The final step is the Finishing. This part of your floor installation requires some creativity as you may need to customize your trim to suit your flooring type. We will make sure your T-molding, quarter round, baseboards and other trims are properly installed and look great!

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